TRANSFER training, the challenge of sharing patient information among the emergency teams of the EGALURG network

On 26 April, a training session was organised to learn how to use TRANSFER, a training tool, applicable in situ, for sharing patient information among different emergency teams, overcoming the language barrier.

Within the framework of the EGALURG cross-border project, TRANSFER, a training tool for sharing patient information among the emergency teams of the EGALURG network, has been developed. The tool is a solution consisting of an app and a web platform which allows to improve the agent coordination in the management and transport of patients in an emergency situation.

The training session developed in two parts. The company IAR, developer of the TRANSFER platform, kicked off by presenting the tool and its operation, and subsequently, participants used it with two practical cases of patient transfer simulation. Teams from the emergency services of Navarre participated in person and, remotely, the SAMU 64 and a person from the computer services of the CHU of Toulouse.

Overcoming the language barrier

TRANSFER has been developed as a very useful tool to organise the training of the EGALURG network entities. It allows us to create case simulations with members, remotely, just as we are doing today”, explains Rafael Huarte from the polytrauma patient research group of Navarrabiomed. “Thanks to TRANSFER, a given patient’s information (diagnosis, first aid, medication administered, etc.) can be transmitted without language being a problem.” In fact, with this tool, the unit transferring the patient sends the information in their own language and the receiving unit sees this same information in theirs. “In addition, with this type training, we can learn from each other, comparing results, applied protocols and their efficiency.”

Nicolas Harcaut, SAMU 64 professional at the Hospital de la Côte Basque highlights the simplicity of using the application. “In a matter of minutes, without having ever used it, you can fill in a simple but also quite comprehensive information. It adapts to many situations and is very concise. It offers the possibility of collecting and understanding the information prepared by a team on the other side of the border simply by opening the software.”

In the future, TRANSFER could be applied in situ. “We have to work on many aspects of our cooperation. But the tool could help improve the coordination of agents in the management and transport of patients in emergency situations, from both sides of the border” Huarte concludes.